iZi Kid X3 ISOfix

Product information

Easy, stable installation with a child car seat from BeSafe.

BeSafe iZi Kid ISOfix can easily be “clicked” onto the ISOfix in your car and the front brace ensures very stable installation.

iZi Kid ISOfix is one of the few child car seats that have passed the PLUS test, which focuses on safety.

The shell of the child seat has been developed to provide the best possible protection in the event of a collision, without affecting the child’s movement whilst in transit. iZi Kid is a rear facing child car seat. Also available in a combi version called BeSafe iZi Combi X3 ISOFix.

See out of the window and have more space for the legs.

BeSafe iZi Kid provides optimal protection for your child and simultaneously allows him/her to sit as high as possible so that they can see out of the window and have more space for the legs.

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Accessories iZi Kid X3 ISOfix


Extra covers all products

If you want a new color or just replace the old cover, loose covers for all child car seats are available.

Activity cover

For protection of the back of your car's front seats and so that you child has somewhere to keep its their toys, etc.

Belt collector

The BeSafe belt collector holds the shoulder belts in place, simultaneously making it harder for "escape artists" to slide out of the belts.

Anchorage Belts

Do you use your BeSafe iZi Kid/iZi Combi seat in several different cars? If you do, it might be a good idea to have an extra set of anchoring belts in order to facilitate installation in each car.

Sun shade

The BeSafe sun protector can be easily attached to the window using a suction cup to provide shade for your child.

Kick cover

BeSafe's padded kick-proof cover in black is designed to protect your car's seats. Can be used for child seats either with or without ISOfix.


Baby cushion

Cushion for the little ones in group 0/1, 0-18kg & 9-18kg. Get a more comfortable and safe child car seat.

With iZi Plus the child can sit in a rear-facing position for longer.

Since 1963 BeSafe have been developing children’s car seats

"iZi Sleep is A truly beautifully designed baby seat" Yourparenting

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