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Baby car seat 0-13 kg

Toddlers car seat 0-18/0-25kg


Choose product: BeSafe iZi Go ModularBesafe iZi Go X1  - Besafe iZi Go X1 ISOfix

Weight: 0-13 kg

Age: 0-1 year

Direction: Rear facing

Group 0+ car seats from BeSafe have been made with safety, design and user-friendliness in mind. BeSafe baby car seats have test winners in 2011. Suitable for babies from 0-13 kg or from around 0-12 months, and is possible to install in strollers.


Choose product: iZi Modular i-SizeiZi Combi X4 ISOfix - iZi Kid X1 i-SizeiZi Kid i-SizeiZi Plus - iZi Kid X3 - iZi Kid X3 ISOfixiZi Comfort X3 - iZi Comfort X3 ISOfix

Max Weight: 0-18/0-25 kg

Age: Ca 6 mnd - 4 year

Direction: Rear facing/Forward facing

With BeSafe child car seats, your child will sit safely and comfortably, regardless of whether he/she is sitting rear-facing or forward facing in the child seat. Suitable for children from 0-18 kg and 0-25kg or from around 0.5-5 years.

Child car seat 15-36 kg



Choose product: iZi Up X3 - iZi Up X3 Fix

Weight: 15-36 kg

Age: Ca 4-12 year

Direction: Forward facing

Where would the world be without innovations in child car seats?  BeSafe iZi Up X3 fix is a child car seat that offers a revolutionary “Side Impact Rotation” system. Suitable for children from 15-36 kg or from around 4-12 years.


Make you and your child’s car journey even safer and more peaceful. BeSafe accessories focus on traffic safety for you and your child, as well as design and protection of the car’s interior. Choose products that make your life easier.

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